Contributions/Get Involved

Based on our Seventh Tradition ACA is a self-supporting organization.  We members rely on ourselves and each other to keep it going by contributing Financial Help and/or Voluntary Service*.

If you want to help, there are many ways to give back to ACA to help strengthen and grow this international community which helps sustain and heal us, including:


Financial Help


Voluntary Service

    • Lead your meeting — From time to time, you may step up to lead your meeting. Depending on your meeting’s format, you may offer an ACA topic which resonates for you, share how it has helped you in your recovery, then invite others to share about that topic regarding their recovery.
    • Be an officer for your meeting — Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, or Literature Coordinator
    • QUARTERLY — the third Saturday of January, April, July, and October.  Click the Events tab for the location.
    • Be an officer of the Intergroup — Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, WSO Representative
    • Be your meeting’s Intergroup representative (or alternate)
    • Join these Intergroup committees:
      • Literature
        • Manage inventory of ACA literature and medallions
        • Order from the WSO site
        • Distribute literature and medallions to CO ACA meetings
      • Members & Public Service — research and answer questions submitted on the Colorado ACA Intergroup website by ACA members and the public at large
      • Offerings
        • Activities — organize potluck dinners, parties, hikes, and more!
        • Events — create workshops and schedule speakers!
      • Website — update with the latest info, gather and post inspirational writings
    • Attend Intergroup Meetings and be heard on important ACA issues.  EVERYONE in ACA is welcome!
    • Check out the website for opportunities
    • Review and offer suggestions for WSO events and literature


Spread the Word about ACA!

When appropriate, share what ACA means to you with friends and family

Post this link to the Colorado ACA Intergroup website on your site or blog:


*  There are very few paid positions within ACA.  These are at the national and international levels, within the ACA World Services Organization.